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Non-compete litigation is a big thing in Texas. In the recent past, the non-compete laws have changed drastically and there has been both good as well as bad reviews about this changes. Non Compete Litigation in Dallas, TX has gathered the attention of many big lawyers and law firms in the area, and whether this litigation can still be rendered unenforceable or whether it can actually be applied is the big question.

It has been specifically mentioned and clearly stated after the last change about the details of litigation. The first specification is that it must be an ancillary to or maybe a part of an otherwise enforceable agreement and it must be at the time when the agreement is made. This clearly makes it compulsory for the covenant to be enforceable. There are also some limitations that have been imposed, such as limitation on time, or limitation on geographical location and other such restrictions. These limitations must be reasonable and the restrictions should not be stricter than the required amount. These limitations are important so as to prevent the misuse of the litigation and related power.

This Non Compete Litigation in Dallas, TX provides security and safety to employees and also in some cases to employers. The litigation can be used by the employee to claim damages if the non compete agreement is violated, and the same thing can be done by the employer, provided that all the above mentioned limitations are strictly followed. There are some additional restrictions and requirements for different professions as is the case with physicians.

There are a number of law firms growing in that area that are solely dedicated to representing either the employee side or the side of the employer in case of such a dispute in a non compete agreement. Some law firms specialize in representing the employee side when they feel they are sued for improper reasons, while some other firms specialize in representing the employer when they feel that the employee is violating the agreement. Non Compete Litigation in Dallas, TX and the changes in rule should prove helpful to both.



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